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Player Resources

Playing D&D is easy and fun. Below are a bunch of links to online resources where you can ask questions, read about D&D, and engage with the community.

A Video Intro

This video by Matt Colville is a great introduction to playing D&D. Matt is a long time veteran DM who also happens to be great at explaining things. I’m not usually a video watcher, but I’ve watched hours of Matt’s videos, and I think you’ll enjoy this one.

What Do You Actually Do?

This is my introduction to the actual process of playing the game when you sit down at the table. Also useful for new DMs looking to understand how the game plays.

Get The Rules

The very first thing you should do, is get a copy of the rules. You could go out and spend $30-$50 (USD) on the Player’s Handbook or you could get a free copy of the official Basic Rules and not pay a dime until you know you want to keep up with this thing.

The NoXP Discussion Forum

The above link is to a discussion forum on reddit dedicated to discussing beginner questions and questions about how to teach D&D, as well as any suggestions people have for content on this site.


An old school D&D forum that has been around for forever.

Reddit’s D&D and D&D Next

These are the two main D&D forums on reddit. Lots of traffic, lots of posts (sort by newest if you want to see more than the few most highly rated posts, which on D&D are usually artwork). Posting here is a great place to get a lot of eyeballs on your stuff. The D&D Next subreddit was originally created when 5th edition was being playtested, and now just serves as a slightly more focused D&D subreddit (for example, they don’t allow posting artwork).