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DM Resources

The NoXP Discussion Forum

The above link is to a discussion forum on reddit dedicated to discussing beginner questions and questions about how to teach D&D, as well as any suggestions people have for content on this site.

Matt Colville’s Running the Game

This is an epic youtube series from a guy who’s been DMing for 30 years. I don’t even normally watch youtube, because, seriously, who has the time? But I’ve watched hours of his stuff, and it’s amazing. This is aimed at getting people who have never been a DM to run campaigns, but his insights are great even for seasoned DMs.

Beyond his running the game series, the campaign diaries have a lot of insights, and almost everything he posts has some great nuggets of information.

There’s a companion subreddit r/mattcolville which is a nice small community of helpful people following Matt’s videos.

The Angry GM

A really nice blog with a lot of great content. His schtick is swearing and rambling intros, but don’t let that dissuade you, there’s many gems in these articles, and he’s only pretending to be grumpy.

The best stuff is in his How to GM series, but there’s good stuff across the whole site.

The Tao of D&D

A blog by Alexis Smolensk, an unabashed grognard (i.e. super old school and grumpy about it). He’s been a DM for 30 years and still plays a heavily modified first edition ruleset. He can be gruff and grumpy (and unlike the Angry GM, I don’t think he’s faking), but he has a ton of really good insights into how to be a good DM. His 10,000 word post on how to DM is epic.

If you like to read, he loves to write hugely long posts, so head on over. Just ignore the grumpiness :)

Reddit’s DM Academy

This subreddit is dedicated to DMs helping DMs. It’s a great community and everyone is super friendly. Even if you’re not normally a reddit person, check it out, there’s tons to learn, and you don’t even need to have an account if you just want to read.

Reddit’s D&D Behind The Screen

This is an unusual subreddit in that it’s not really for questions or discussion, just for posting resources for DMs. More aimed at intermediate DMs, there’s still tons of useful information for newbies.

Reddit’s D&D and D&D Next

These are the two main D&D subreddits. Lots of traffic, lots of posts (sort by new if you want to see more than the few most highly rated posts, which on D&D are usually artwork). Posting here is a great place to get a lot of eyeballs on your stuff. The D&D Next subreddit was originally created when 5th edition was being playtested, and now just serves as a slightly more focused D&D subreddit (for example, they don’t allow posting artwork).