#worldbuilding #naming


I wanted a custom calendar for my campaign world, to keep it feeling authentic and like it existed before the characters started wandering around in it. However, I didn’t want the players to have to look up all my random month names every time I used them. What’s the solution? Well, at first I thought I’d just make up names that basically start the same as the existing months (luckily the month names in english are all pretty unique)… but I’m honestly terrible at coming up with names on my own. Suddenly it occurred to me - foreign languages! There’s a great list of months in many different languages that I just cherry picked from. Azerbaijani had some nice-sounding variants. Thus, if I say that a certain thing happened in Djulete … you probably can figure out that corresponds to July, and thus mid-summer (sorry, southern hemisphere folks, all my players are in the northern hemisphere).

I started to do the same for days of the week, but I realized that I really don’t have any use for the days of the week in the campaign. It’s not like people work a 40 hour work week. There’s no “weekend”. You’d never say “next Monday”, you’d say “5 days from now”. So… I just cut them. Less to worry about.

Here’s my months:

  • Yanvar
  • Fevral
  • Mart
  • Avrel
  • Mei
  • Djun
  • Djulete
  • Avgost
  • Sentyabr
  • Oktyabr
  • Noyabr
  • Dekabr

I actually kind of like that they come from different languages. That is very similar to our own months. Clearly the -uary’s and the -ember’s were added to the calendar at different times, and thus have different sounding names.

So, when you’re looking for names, try going to google translate or a compilation page of languages and then just steal stuff shamelessly. I think you’ll get more interesting and recognizable names than using one of those name generators that spits out names that you can’t pronounce and can’t remember.